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Helix Code GNOME Desktop


2002-04-21  PK  
        * gnews/gnews.c: "stops scrolling" bug fixed, available plugins
        and categories sorted, unneded define BASE_URL removed,
        version 0.1.3.

2002-03-26  PK  
        * plugins/heise.c: update from Carsten Wimmer.
        * plugins/linuxgames.c, plugins/tagesschau.c,
        plugins/welt.c: new files from Carsten Wimmer.
        * plugins/Makefile.am: support for the new files.
        * AUTHORS: contributors added.

2002-03-23  PK  
        * plugins/gulic.c: new file, plugin for gulic.org from "linuxx".
        * plugins/Makefile.am: support for gulic.c.

2002-03-21  PK  
        * plugins/heise.c: new file, plugin for heise.de from Carsten Wimmer.
        * plugins/Makefile.am: support for heise.c.
        * libs/html.c: new file, html tag strip functions.
        * libs/Makefile.am: support for html.c.
        * include/libgnews.h: html.c function prototypes added.

2002-01-28  PK  
        * plugins/bbc.c: new file, plugin for bbc.co.uk from Ian Redfern.
        * plugins/makefile.am: support for bbc.c.
        * */*.[ch]: added license and copyright info.

2002-01-22  PK  

        * gnews/gnews.c: scrolltimeout works again.
        * gnews/properties.c: "unique separators" renamed to "show site logos".
        * plugins/linuxfr.c: new file, for linuxrf.org.
        * plugins/makefile.am: added stuff for linuxfr.

2002-01-21  PK  

        * gnews/gnews.c: separator replaced between headlines.

2002-01-17  PK  

        * plugins/*.c: fixed compile issues.
        * include/libgnews.h: added #include .
        * libs/*.c: removed #include .
        * plugins/gnomehu.c: new file, support for gnome.hu.
        * sites.txt: moved to doc/.
        * gnews.spec.in: plugins moved back to base rpm.
        * configure.in: version 0.1.2.
        * plugins/gnomehu.c: parse_rdf to parse_rss.

2002-01-16  PK  

        * doc/gnews_applet.1: removed.
        * doc/gnews_applet.1.in, doc/Makefile.am: added.
        * Makefile.am, configure.in: support for doc directory.
        * gnews/plugins.c: load_some_plugins() now unloads the incorrect
        * libs/http.c, include/libgnews.h: set_http_options_added.
        * gnews/gnews.c: proxy support again.
        * plugins/*.c: proxy support.
        * gnews.spec.in: separated to gnews, gnews-devel and gnews-libs.
        * configure.in: version 0.1.1.
        * libs/http: async mode.

2002-01-15  PK  

        * gnews/gnews.c, gnews/properties.c: last site reappears after
        deletion fixed. fixes bug #503604.
        * doc/gnews_applet.1: added. fixes bug #503521.
        * libs/http.c: fixed the http process loop.

2002-01-14  PK  

        * gnews/gnews.c: stop moving when properties are open. fixes bug
        * gnews/properties.c: site ctree and clist now adds a scrollbar
        automatically in case of long site names. fixes bug #503520.
        * gnews/gnews.c: move() now doesn't try to scroll if there are no
        sites selected. fixes bug #503582.
        * TODO: priority list.
        * configure.in: fixed configure warning "AM_PROG_CPP called before".

2002-01-11  PK  

        * libs/libgnews.c: merged parse_rdf and parse_rss, added
        find_channel_node and parse_rdf_rss.

2002-01-09  PK  

        * plugins/*.c: plugin leak cleanup.
        * plugins/linuxhu.c: added.

2002-01-07  PK  

        * libs/libgnews.c: added gnews_parse_txt and gnews_parse_rss support.
        * plugins/linuxapps.c, plugins/gnotices.c, plugins/apachetoday.c,
        plugins/barrapunto.c, plugins/barrapuntognome.c, plugins/bsdtoday.c,
        plugins/debianplanet.c, plugins/eltoday.c, plugins/mozilla.c,
        plugins/mozillazine.c, plugins/perl.c, plugins/python.c,
        plugins/redcarpet.c, plugins/rootprompt.c, plugins/b2k.c,
        plugins/dvdreview.c, plugins/internet.c, plugins/linux.c,
        plugins/linuxtoday.c, plugins/lwn.c, plugins/newsforge.c,
        plugins/thinkgeek.c: added.

2002-01-06  PK  

        * internal: everything is rewritten for the new architecture.
        * new: gnewslib is created.
        * plugins/slashdot.c, plugins/freshmeat.c: added.

2001-12-28  PK  

        * new: rewriting using individual plugins.

2001-12-04  PK  

        * feature: jumpto is cool now.
        * version: 0.0.9.

2001-11-29  PK  

        * fix: another sitelist fix.
        * feature: more jumpto support.

2001-11-20  PK  

        * fix: a bug that caused segfault when refreshed the sitelist after
        displaying headlines, xml parser segfault bug also fixed.
        * feature: user feedback functions, initial jumpto support.
        * internal: timer tuning.

2001-11-16  PK  

        * feature: continous scroll finished, both directions.
        * version: this is version 0.0.7.

2001-11-15  PK  

        * fix: solved a lot of leaks.
        * layout: new site separator layout.
        * feature: initial continous scroll support.

2001-11-12  PK  

        * feature: edge wait support

2001-10-07  PK  

        * feature: sound and beep support.
        * fix: first separator bug solved

2001-10-07  PK  

        * internal: new xml format for headlines, sitelist is too long for
        config_save, always download, never save.

2001-10-05  PK  

        * layout: sitelist replaced w/ ctree.
        * feature: initial sound support, more config options, site pixmaps
        initial support.
        * fix: color bug by dlacko.
        * fix: first run debug.

2001-10-04  PK  

        * fix: full support for backend xml, completely rewritten internal
        structures and updating, listening for new headlines.

2001-10-01  PK  

        * internal: gnome-xml support, new sitelist in xml format, new internal
        structures for sitelist.
        * feature: option for optional titles, proxy usage toggle, display for
        site description.
        * internal: wordwrap support from php.

2001-09-13  PK  

        * new: initial pthreads and xmltok support.

2001-08-06  PK  

        * fix: http tuning.

2001-01-25  PK  

        * fix: per site color support.
        * version: 0.0.5.

2000-09-27  PK  

        * fix: change of data transfer both at client and serverside, much
        less segfaults.

2000-09-21  PK  

        * feature: url handling. max width 1280.

2000-09-20  PK  

        * fix: new style handling -4 leak/headline/update and +2 instead.
        * feature: initial per site color support.
2000-09-19  PK  

        * mem save: 1 global gtktooltips, no recreation at update.

2000-09-19  DL 

        * configure.in: cleaning.

2000-09-18  PK  

        * fixes: some leak hunting.

2000-09-16  PK  

        * website: launched.
        * cleanups: separating the code. some cleanup.

2000-09-15  PK  

        * fix: selected sites pointer fix.

2000-09-14  PK  

        * features: basic color support. frametype support. no files just
        strings. automatic update. sitelist save. sitelist update. sitelist

2000-09-13  PK  

        * features: base size fix. backend support. stop support. properties
        support. session handling. basic sitelist.
2000-09-12  PK  

        * features: direction dragging. http support from gweather. dir-toggle
        menu stock pixmap change. update function.

2000-09-11  PK    

        * features: scrolling left/right. direction toggle. basic style.

2000-09-10  PK    

        * beginning: cleanout of charpick applet, using APPLET_WRITING to fill
        in a new one. aboutbox. dynamic display. orientation change. scrolling
        to right.