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GNEWS is a scrolling news ticker applet designed for the GNOME Panel. The idea of this applet is came from the Netropa Internet receiver I got with the drivers of my keyboard and from the existing SlashApp applet. The development is hosted at SourceForge so you can reach the project page there. Anyhow, this is my first applet so be gentle. ;) Huh, I almost forgot: GNEWS is licensed under the GNU GPL.

  • 2002-04-21
    Just released 0.1.3 featuring bugfixes and brand new plugins.
    Check out the changes section for a complete list of them.

  • 2002-01-17
    Version 0.1.2! This release fixes some compile time warnings,
    fixes the binary rpm packages and adds a new plugin for gnome.hu.

    Due to a libtool bug the rpms cannot be built on RedHat. Please use
    the prebuilt packages or compile it from the source.

  • 2002-01-16
    Release 0.1.1 is out. It fixes some issues with the properties
    segfault, adds proxy support again and now we have a manpage!

  • 2002-01-10
    GNEWS is now a part of Debian!
    Many thanks to Noèl Köthe.

  • 2002-01-07
    A brand new version, 0.1.0 is out, with a lot of changes.

    From this release GNEWS now uses a gmodule based plugin architecture
    and there is no need to use a separate gnews backend server. Because the
    headlines are fetched directly from the sites there will be no more global
    hangups due to the errors of the previous main server.

    There is a new shared library for the developers so anyone can develop new
    plugins for gnews.

    Warning the proxy support is not working in this release!

  • 2002-01-03
    version 0.0.10 is released supporting user configurable
    backend url

  • 2002-01-03
    the default gnews server is unreachable due to dns problems.
    please try to use your own gnews server while it is down
    or add " gnews.monsta.hu" to your /etc/hosts.

  • 2001-11-20
    version 0.0.9 is released, with a new "jumpto" feature and
    an another segfault fix.

  • 2001-11-20
    gnews 0.0.8 is released, fixing the sitelist update segfault bug.
    0.0.2 of gnewsserver also released, with an advanced interface.

  • 2001-11-16
    Version 0.0.7 is available, with memory optimizations and new features.

  • 2001-11-06
    The first public version of the backend files is released

  • 2001-11-06
    After a long time a new release is out with a lot of bugfixes, new features, etc. Enjoy ;)

  • 2001-02-12
    Mandrake included the gnews package in their distribution!

  • 2001-02-12
    rootshell.org added.

  • 2001-01-28
    Linuxfr.org added to the supported sites. Thanks to Florent Pitoun.
    Also added lwn.net and packetstorm.

  • 2001-01-25
    After a long time the 0.0.5 is released, supporting predefined colors for the sites.

  • 2000-09-27
    Because of changes in both client and serverside the 0.0.3 release works no more.
    0.0.4 is out, it should produce much less segfaults during update. Let's upgrade!
    And oh! The CVS is up again!

  • 2000-09-20
    Balazs Dakay joins the team. We hacked apart our CVS repository with Domosz so it's closed for a while ;(.
    Domosz cleaned out a lot of trash from the configure files and a .deb is coming from him soon.

  • 2000-09-19
    The CVS is up, you should check it out here

  • 2000-09-18
    Laszlo Domoszlai joins the development as distribution hacker.

  • 2000-09-16
    The first release is out. You can download it in tar.gz, rpm and srpm format.
    Please submit the bugs you find.

  • 2000-09-16
    The project got green light at SourceForge, so at first here is the homepage.
    During the weekend I'll clean up the code and release the first version (0.0.3). Until this you should check out the screenshots and take a look at the existing features.